Sennit DMS

Document Management System is the platform that centralizes and manages all the official documents of your company,
giving you the governance of your company’s contents.

Sennit Nimbus

What you can do with Sennit DMS:

  • Create and manage the company’s documents
  • Version Control and changes log (by user)
  • Taxonomy and meta data
  • Workflows
  • Expiration control with alerts
  • Impact tracking

Sennit Nimbus

Created under the most modern and solid architectural concepts,
the Sennit Nimbus is an Integration Platform,
created to accelerate the development and integration of any environment.


Create and manage Workflows.


Create and manage Scheduled Tasks.


Create and manage APIs for Oracle and SQL database.


Managing Logs in detail.

Sennit Nimbus


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Custom development

Sennit is a company with extensive experience in Software Development Projects for various market segments: banking, industry, retail and services, both in NET or SQL Server technologies as well as Java and Oracle.
  • .Net
  • SQL Server
  • Java
  • Oracle

Sharepoint Solutions

The Microsoft Sharepoint Platform nowadays is the leader in Corporate and Portal solutions. Reducing development time and enabling end users to implement solutions without the need for third parties, Sharepoint helps reduce the deployment cycle.
  • BPM e BAM
  • SAC

Office 365

Office 365 delivers many ways to increase your productivity and your business growth. You can use the Office Applications that you already know in both version, installed on your computer or in the browser.

We can help you to migrate your current environment to the Office 365:creating and publishing institucional websites and applications, supporting the operation, creating users and roles, etc.

Cloud Computing

Sennit has a huge knowledge in Cloud Computing and is ready to give you the best solution for your needs, regardless hybrid, private or public cloud.

From the very beginning of the Consulting process up to the day by day operation, Sennit is a specialist in order to fulfill your computation needs.
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Reducing the need for knowledge in Infrastructure
  • Scalability to infinity

Mobile Applications

At the beginning of Internet, companies rushed to create their institutional websites. Then put increasingly complex services in their sites, enabling customers a self-service and consumption of content.

Today the movement is similar, but for mobile platforms. Create an application for Smartphone is having the possibility to "be carried in the pocket of clients or collaborators".

  • Windows Phone
  • IOS
  • Android

Business Intelligence

A BI solution can be responsible for a much more aggressive positioning of your company against competition or, if wrongly implemented, can be responsible for the loss of a huge investment.

We provide to our customers, over 15 years of know-how in several market platforms with the most used methodologies.
  • Personal BI

  • Team BI

  • Organization BI


Sennit has a database of qualified professionals in various areas of Information Technology.

Resource Allocations

Several times the need of hiring and managing people can be optimized and simplified, if used the process of resource allocation rather than direct hiring.

Sennit has a database of qualified professionals in various areas of Information Technology. These professionals were acquired over years of relationships in successful projects being recommended to everyone due to their prior knowledge and/or abilities, specializations, and especially, commitment !


More and more companies choose to keep operations “not core" in the suppliers facilities rather than keeping it "in site".

This is because the cost of professionals as well as operation costs that does not directly ad value to your business, can be effectively reduced if maintained by third specialized companies.

Sennit has extensive experience not only in maintaining the IT operation process but also in the transitional process between the operation "in site" and "outsourced".

Support and Applications

When IT Customer does not have sufficient resources to perform "day by day" Systems maintenance, outsource support becomes more efficient and the inexpensive way to maintain the desired level of services.

Following the highest standards of Governance, Knowledge Transfer and a methodology of opening and monitoring of calls, Sennit is prepared to meet all demands of support, not only with a highly specialized team, but also with the processes and management skills to inform real-time costs and trends of each supported system.

Cell Quality

The cost of correcting an error (bug) grows exponentially in each phase of a project (“Myers Rules”). Thus, the investment on testing and quality processes during the various phases of a project, ensures a lower cost and better flexibility in design, developing and delivery of information systems.

The Cell Quality team of Sennit is widely qualified to develop and implement testing and quality processes. We test Functionality, Usability, Performance, Supportability and Reliability, through manual or automatic forms, Sennit determines not only whether the systems are delivered without errors but also are meeting the real needs of the client.

Using Sennit Portal or standard tools of the client, it can be delivered all reports, dashboards and KPIs of the tests performed, their conclusions and improvement possibilities.

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